Digital Photo Frames - A Creative Wedding Gift Idea

Finding the perfect wedding gift for a happy couple can be a tricky, but ultimately rewarding experience for both the giver and the newlyweds. The gift is a token of your good wishes for their future and in many ways will represent your relationship with them. It can be seen to be a contribution to the couple`s warm and exciting life together and for these reasons, giving a wedding gift can be a very fulfilling and expressive, but difficult, thing to do.

There are always the classic wedding gifts that furnish the households and cabinets of the newlyweds` home such as toasters and duvets and these are the kinds of things found on wedding gift lists making them generally safe bets. Finding a truly thoughtful and original gift, however, may take a little more research and imagination. Working out what the couple love and cherish as well as your relationship with them can yield new ideas of how to find that perfect gift.

Digital Photo Frames

A great example of a creative wedding gift comes out of some out-of-the-box thinking. The digital photo frame can really make an ideal wedding gift for numerous reasons. In the digital age of photography many people never get round to printing physical photos for framing and a digital frame solves this problem. Furthermore, photos inevitably bring reminiscence and great memories with them and a frame will therefore be accompanied with a sense of sentiment. Every time the happy couple look at the photos in the frame they will think, with gratitude, of the giver. A digital photo frame can also have particular significance with regards to the wedding as the couple can afterwards frame their wedding photos using the frame. All in all, the digital photo frame can potentially make a very interesting and thoughtful gift.

There are various things to consider when buying a digital photo frame. Firstly, sizes vary from as petite as 1.5 inches to 15 inches, such as the IMAGIN 15inch Video Photo Frame Cherry. Different frames can support different multimedia forms and it is worth considering whether you want a frame that solely displays JPEG photos, or one that can also support MPEG video files and MP3 audio like the Kodak M820. It is also worth choosing between mains-powered frames, such as the Proline PL-DPF 1003B and battery-powered frames. Resolution also varies, largely depending on the size of the frame, and checking to make sure the quality is up to standard can be important. The frames themselves are generally tasteful and simple, but this is another obvious consideration.

Personal wedding gifts can be highly thoughtful and original and a digital photo frame can be a great idea. It is also possible to personalise the gift by including some photos to go with it and personalised wedding gifts are often the most memorable.

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